With this fantastic trick, cleaning your barbecue will be a piece of cake

Having to clean our barcacoa is probably one of the biggest nightmares for some of us. Now that the good weather is approaching, you may have gone to open your barbecue to release the summer season and you have found food remains and fats still attached to the grill. If you have tried for a long time with a hard bristle brush you will know that it is not the best solution to remove dirt and get it to shine again. But do not worry!

Today we bring you a trick so that the next time this happens to you, it will be easier to clean your barbecue

 With this fantastic trick, cleaning your barbecue will be a breeze [19659004] twinschoice via Dollar Photo Club </a></figcaption>
<h3 style= What you'll need:

– A can of ammonia.

– A trash bag.
– A string, rubber band or something to tie.


1. Pour a cup of ammonia into the trash bag.

2. Place the different grills of the barbecue inside the garbage bag. Now use the rope or rubber, or whatever you have chosen to close the bag tightly. Make sure it is tight for two reasons:

A. The ammonia vapors are the ones that will clean your grill completely.

B. It is better for the environment to prevent ammonia from spilling over any surface or garden.

3. Place the bag under the sun and let it rest there until the next day.

4. The next day remove the grills from the bag and rinse with water in an outdoor sink or somewhere that has good ventilation because the ammonia gases will not be pleasant after a day contained in the bag.

 With this fantastic trick, cleaning your barbecue will be a breeze

Safety precautions:

When working with ammonia always use gloves and protective goggles .

Make sure you are in a well ventilated place it is always better to do this trick outdoors, garages or gardens.

For your total elimination you should wash the sink with abundant water .

Now cleaning your BBQ will be so much easier!

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