Why the loss of a dog can be as difficult as that of a relative or friend?

When people who have never had a dog see their friends mourn the loss of their pet, they are likely to think that it is a slightly exaggerated reaction; at last and after it is "only a dog."

However, those who have had a dog and have loved it, know the truth: your pet is not "just a dog"

 Why the loss of a dog can be as difficult as that of a relative or friend?

More than once, we have heard people feel guilty about trusting someone they have felt more distressed by the loss of his dog than by that of a relative or friend.

This investigation has confirmed that for most people, the loss of a dog is, in almost every way , comparable to the loss of a human loved one . What happens is that, for cultural reasons, there are no rituals of mourning for pets, which makes us feel a little more uncomfortable when it comes to showing too much pain in public for the loss of our faithful friends.

Maybe If those people who do not understand it, realize how strong and intense the link between people and their dogs can be, this type of pain would be more accepted. Besides that it would greatly help their owners to accept their death and move forward in their lives.

A special link between species

 Why the loss of a dog can be as difficult as that of a relative or friend ?

Evidence has been found that supports that men and humans have lived together for 13,000 years. Initially the wolf packs followed humans in search of food debris. At some point, the friendliest wolves approached human beings, and they took them as companions. The bond was for mutual benefit, human beings provided shelter and protection, and the wolves helped them with the prey. The interesting thing about all this is that, dogs evolved along with humans, so are able to connect with us at a much deeper level than other animals .

 Why The loss of a dog can be as difficult as that of a relative or friend?


Dogs have had an amazing effect on humanity . According to recent research conducted by the University of Azabu in Japan, looking at a dog in the eye activates the same hormonal response as with human babies.

Today, dogs are not just companions. There are service dogs, therapy dogs, grazing dogs, or even policemen. In addition, they have a huge impact on the development of children, both physically and mentally.

A family member

 Why can the loss of a dog be as difficult as that of a relative or friend?

John Archer, of the Central University of Lancashire, has carried out a detailed study of the relationship between dogs and humans from an evolutionary perspective, and has found that around 40% of the owners identifies his dog as a member of the family reflecting the social compatibility between both species.

Dogs are extraordinarily attentive and have the uncanny ability to predict what their owners will do. Experiments show that they can be astute readers of human body language. They also feel the emotional state of their masters, which makes them a "valuable member of the family."

 Why the loss of a dog can be as difficult as that of a relative or friend?
Pexels [19659005] So it is not surprising that owners feel their loss so much. The psychologist Julie Axelrod points out that the loss of a dog is so painful because the owners are not losing just one pet . It is the loss of a source of unconditional love, a companion that provides security and comfort. It can also seriously disturb the owner's routine, more than most friends and relatives would. Their schedules and even their vacation plans often depend on them.

According to a recent survey, many pet owners in mourning tend to associate sounds with the movements or moans of their pets. This is more likely to happen soon after the pet's death, especially in owners who had very high attachment levels with them.

Have you ever lost your faithful friend? Have you felt this way? Tell us in the comments!

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