Why Parents Should Keep Their Children's Baby Teeth

The loss of the first baby tooth is something of an initiation rite for children everywhere. It is a sign that you are growing and you are getting bigger. If you are like most people, it would also mean finding a little money under your pillow thanks to Ratón Pérez .

And if you have had children, you might remember to impersonate the role of the Tooth Fairy Mouse and place some money under the pillows of your children to celebrate this new stage of his life.

The tradition of the Little Mouse Perez goes back a long way. Some link it to the Nordic culture, where milk teeth brought good luck.

 Why should parents save their children's milk teeth
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But, what is there to do with the tooth once collected? Some people keep them as sentimental memories but many simply throw them away. After all, what can a baby tooth provide?

Well probably more than you think. Storing and preserving milk teeth can save lives and treat a variety of ailments.

A study conducted in 2003 showed that baby teeth are a rich source of stem cells, which are like protocells that can be grown in multiple types of cells if necessary.

 Why Parents should save their children's milk teeth
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This means that, at some point in their life, a child needs to replace the tissue For some reason, the stem cells of baby teeth can be used to grow the necessary tissue. It's pretty impressive!

But there's a problem. Baby teeth have to be kept fresh. Like anything else, stem cells degrade and lose their potency over time. So it does not serve simply to keep your child's milk teeth in a box.

 Why Parents should save their children's milk teeth
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However, there are companies like Store-A-Tooth or StemSave that are responsible for properly preserve the teeth of your children. The teeth are placed in a vault of cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen, where the stem cells will remain intact and useable for years.

If at some point in their life, the child needs their stem cells, the teeth are removed from the store and they are sent to the doctor.

It seems that the superstitions that all cultures had about the power of the teeth were in a strange way somewhat right.

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