Why do you see transparent spots floating on your eyes

Everyone has ever seen those strange semitransparent worm-shaped spots floating and moving through our field of vision. They are always a bit disconcerting, since we felt as if we had some kind of bug walking over our eyes.

That's why today we bring you an answer to the big question in question:

What are Does that really mean?

It turns out that they are called "muscae volitantes", which translated from Latin means "flying flies" … but they are not flies at all, nor any other type of insect.

Surely you've seen those floating things if you've ever hurt your eyes when looking directly at the sun (or just for no apparent reason):

 The Fascinating reason why you see Spots Floating on your Eyes These "floating spots" are actually formed by fragments of tissue, protein clusters, or red blood cells inside the eye.

We usually see these things because they create shadows on the retina that project that image giving us the feeling that we have things floating Ndo in our eyes

 The Fascinating reason why you see Spots Floating on your Eyes

If you want to find out much more, do not miss this fantastic video with Spanish subtitles:

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