When this 100-year-old woman listened to the music, she stood up and left everyone impacted

They usually say that you're as old as you feel. Well, based on that, we would say that Lorraine Ocampo is then about 22 years old. Except that that is not what she says. If you ask Lorraine, she will tell you openly that she is 100 years old. He could have deceived us, seeing how he acts on the dance floor, we would have thought that we were contemplating a young girl with movements that would have made us completely ridiculous …

It is difficult to judge whether something like this is a kind of exception, or if on the contrary, it is an example of how we should live our golden years. But we can not help but be surprised by people like Lorraine, who has been dancing since she was a little girl.

When you can say that you've been doing something for more than 90 years, that's a real achievement that's hard to beat. Having lived by and for your passion, which in this case is about dancing, is something really wonderful.

Most people do not even go that far, we often leave what we love most for vagueness or lack of time. But with this woman you will definitely spend all your time clapping and hitting the floor with your feet to keep up with her.

You could remind us of the old quote by George Bernard Shaw: " We do not stop playing because we grow up; we grow because we stop playing. "

Do not miss this fantastic video that we leave you below:


The video shows that we ourselves are the ones who set the limits in life. Everything can be achieved, never stop fighting for your dreams.

If you liked Lorraine's energetic performance, share it with your friends and show them that you should never give up in this life! ?

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