What do they do with the corpses of people who die on top of Everest

Reaching Heaven is one of the obsessions that have accompanied human beings since the beginning of time; from Icarus and his fascination to sail the skies, which brought him too close to the sun, melting his delicate wings, until the jumper that decided to cross the sky in 2012 with a free fall from space .

. the terrestrial ones, the closest thing to the sky is in the Everest and for that reason, hundreds have tried to conquer its summit.

The Everest every time accumulates more bodies in its summit

The top of the Everest is not easy to reach, with its almost 9,000 meters high ( 8,848m ) is the highest peak on earth. Known by the locals as the Sagarmatha (" the front of the sky ") there are many who have tried unsuccessfully to conquer this titan.

 What happens to the corpses of people who die on the summit of Everest

This is the vision of the first brave men who begin their conquest of Everest, the "gate" of the first base camp . Not everyone will arrive the second and very few will know the "zone of death."

 What happens to the corpses of people who die on the summit of Everest

If you have decided to climb the Everest in July, warm temperatures of -15ºC will welcome you, in winter they reach 60ºC below zero . Your adventure is going full steam ahead, your faithful sherpa accompanies you on the road and after overcoming the second camp without problem, you venture to the third.

You start to find regular, dizziness, nausea and vertigo they take possession of you the altitude sickness has hit you and your adventure ends here, in camp III, at 7200 meters.

If you have been lucky enough not to be affected by altitude sickness, you continue until camp IV, at 7900 meters, only 1km separates you from the summit but that kilometer is known as "The area of ​​death" .

There are more than 250 bodies abandoned in the area of ​​death

 What happens to the corpses of people who die on the summit of Everest

This helicopter is in the base camp, because when trying to land with 8 occupants, 6 of them died in the accident. Everest is inaccessible, if something happens there is no rescue team . In the "zone of death" oxygen bombs are needed to move and one step becomes an odyssey, if you fall, no one can help you, that's why there are so many abandoned corpses .

"They remain 300 meters to meet with Green Boots "

 What happens to the corpses of people who die on the summit of Everest

This landmark on the road is none other than Tsewang Pajor, was 450 meters from the peak when a strong blizzard surprised him and his group. Unfortunately, he decided to continue the ascent and now all those who try to reach the top must pass within a meter of him.

Peter Boardman

 What is happening to the corpses of people who die in the top of Everest

Unfortunately Botas Verdes is not the only one. This is Peter Boardman, he disappeared in 1982 and they found him 10 years later, sitting down. He was recognized by the clothes and today, those who climb Everest, they run into him. Two Nepalese tried to rescue the body but died in the attempt.

The greeter

 What happens to the corpses of people who die on the summit of Everest

] This is one of the first corpses that you find in the ascension. Nicknamed for his position, the lifeless remains of this climber have been on Everest since 1997.

Would you be able to reach the top of Everest without the bodies affecting your determination?

Share with the world so that the dangers of Everest are known.

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