What color do you see the jacket? Click on the Image to see it in full

It seems that we have met again with a new dilemma that is revolutionizing the whole world on the Internet.

Do you remember the famous blue / black white / gold dress that no one seemed to agree about which one? Was it your true color?

 What color do you see the jacket? Click on the Image to see it in full

It turns out that a girl has started a new revolution in social networks about a strange jacket.

Through her Tumblr account, the user poppunkblogger published the following image with this description:

"I do not intend to create the new meme of the blue / black white / gold dress, but my friend has this jacket and says it is white and blue, however I see it black and Brown. Please, tell me what color do you see it? "

 What color do you see the jacket? Click on the Image to see it in full

The publication quickly began to spread through the Internet, and hundreds of thousands of people have begun to fight over what is the true color of the jacket.

Some see it Color Black and brown, others say it is White and blue. Some even say that its color is Gold and green …

In rolloid we are divided into two groups: some see it white and blue while others say it is brown and black.

The polemic of the jacket has become a new viral phenomenon and inspiration for thousands of "tweets" and various crazy theories. It is surprising that the same jacket, sometimes even on the same screen, looks different colors.

Why does this happen?

The answer could be quite simple, if we consider that "Colors really they do not exist, "says ophthalmologist Jordi Monés, who is the director of the Macula and Retina Institute.

Let's say that things alone do not have a true color, but that we see them from a color or other depends on how our receiver (ie, the retina), and everything that our brain has learned or experienced throughout our lives "

People have three types of photoreceptors in the eye (cells sensitive to light), with which we can detect colors, and which are called cones.

These are located in the retina, let's say it is an area at the back of the eye where all the images are projected. images that pass through is from the pupil and the crystalline, as if it were a movie projector.

There are many factors that can alter the functioning of the retina, such as age, diseases such as color blindness, or the composition of eye fluid itself . All this can change the way we perceive these images.

Therefore, as Dr. Monés explains, it is a totally cerebral phenomenon, which determines that it is impossible for two people to see the same object in the same way. [19659009] The colors that surround the jacket are so confusing that the brain is not sure how to understand the color of the garment. This means that, people who have a feeling that the background of the image is dark, then tend to see it with the wrong colors. In short, everything depends on the way our brain processes color.


And you, What color do you see the jacket? Leave us your answer in the comments

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