We show you the trick to get cologne in the morning and keep smelling great at night

The fact of using cologne habitually can give an increase of confidence in oneself, it even becomes a real delight, at least until it fades just before reaching an important meeting. It's frustrating, we know. Does it sound like something?

Are you looking to keep the scent of your perfume throughout the day? The solution is much easier and cheaper than it looks!

 We show you the trick to get cologne in the morning and continue to smell great at night
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You will need the following:

  • You perfume
  • Unscented Vaseline

The first thing you should do is apply petroleum jelly in the most important key points such as the neck, wrist, or any place where you want to get perfume. Next, spray the perfume in the places where we have put Vaseline.

The trick is that Vaseline acts as a shield of the aroma that traps and thus manages to maintain a fresh fragrance on your skin for much longer. You must know that the colony becomes very ineffective on dry skin, and hence the great importance of using Vaseline to hydrate it.

Did you know this fantastic trick?

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