Two dogs receive their well-deserved punishment by bothering a cat who was taking a nap by the pool

Two small dogs managed to put this cat's nerves while they were having a conversation (it's a dub in English). It's kind of fun to see how the two dogs talk and try to get the cat out of there.

At first, the cat simply puts its ears back and lifts the tip of its tail. After all, cats are masters of Zen and can ignore a lot of irritating behaviors.

 Two dogs get their well-deserved punishment for bothering a cat who was taking a nap by the pool

But these two Such mischievous dogs can not allow the cat to continue sleeping in front of them without being upset by their actions. So they tried to push him several times.

The cat is already starting to fly a little. But it still gives them the opportunity to leave in peace if they do the same and end the matter.

But they do not do it and they keep pushing him, talking to each other while they do it. What started as a nice nap for this cat is becoming a lesson in patience. His ears begin to move from one side to another, and his tail begins to shake. After all, these two dogs are really annoying!

 Two dogs receive their well-deserved punishment for bothering a cat who was taking a nap by the pool

Still dogs continue . You can almost hear the cat's anger when it begins to conspire against its enemies. This time, these two heavyweights have gone too far. They try to throw him into the pool and the cat is preparing to teach them a lesson they will not soon forget.

And then the perfect moment arrives! The dogs are momentarily separated, and that gives the cat the advantage to act.

With a quick hit, send one of the dogs to the pool! You can almost feel the cat's satisfaction, right? But do not let your guard down. After all, there is still another dog there. "Come here," growls the cat, "and the same thing will happen to you!" But the dog is ready and leaves in time.

And finally, both dogs are silent!

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