Turn your iPad into a Wacom digital tablet for the Mac

There are a lot of apps to draw on the iPad, but none of them offers the power of a digitizing tablet or the one you'll find in some of the most important computer applications. However, the day has come when a developer is trying to close that gap. How? with the launch of its new application called Astropad, which allows you to use the iPad as a digitizing tablet, so that everything you draw on the iPad instantly transfers to your Mac's applications. This means that you can open Photoshop, take a pencil or stylus and start drawing on the iPad using all the tools and brushes you would normally have access to from your computer.

 Turn your iPad into a digitizing tablet for the Mac with Astropad

basic, Astropad is a "screen sharing" application but clearly marking a big difference with other similar apps. The app makes it appear on the iPad what is on the screen of your Mac, and when you draw on it the strokes appear immediately on both the tablet and the computer, usually there is no delay, something really important for an application of drawing. You can open any application you want, but you will surely want to use some professional application to get the most benefit from this app.

The images on the desktop are really sharp and clear on Astropad. "What you see on the iPad is the same as what you see on the Mac" says Matt Ronge, one of the two developers behind Astropad. "It has been built with extremely high levels of quality."

You can draw on Astropad with your fingers, but you will want to use a stylus. The application is compatible with the Adonit, Wacom and hex3 pencils, and the developers are planning to add support for the FiftyThree stylus. The use of these optical pencils will give you pressure sensitivity and greater precision when it comes to drawing, turning your iPad into an authentic professional Wacom digitizing tablet, such as the famous Cintiq. In addition, drawing with a stylus is always easier and more fun.

Astropad is not without limitations, although many of them come from the iPad itself. The iPad is designed to be used with your fingers, so someone who needs to make specially detailed drawings may not have much luck. The pressure sensitivity of the different stylus will give different results, and will be a bit distant from what you could get with a real pencil. All that said, Astropad does the best it can with what it has. If you are already familiar with these limitations of the iPad stylus, you will not find new obstacles with this app.

Photographers can find Astropad really useful for photo retouching images

This means that Astropad will probably be more useful someone who likes to make sketches more than another person looking for a very precise tool, but there is a wide range of uses between both ends that can serve quite well. Astropad is also a great option for photographers and amateurs who are looking for a way to easily apply touch-ups to photographs and paint on them.

Astropad is available for € 45 (Students have a discount to get it for around € 19) and also You have a free trial version from the developer's website. It is a bit more expensive than most drawing applications, but Astropad's intention is to offer an alternative to what could be a real digitizing tablet like Wacom, which are much more expensive (from about € 60 to a thousand euros ). Yes, you will get much more precision with a Wacom digital tablet, but Astropad is a really viable alternative because of the low cost it has. Also, take advantage of a device that you already have and are used to carrying with you.

Link: Astropad.

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