Three stray dogs saved the lives of the soldiers …

When a suicide bomber entered a US military base in Afghanistan, the 50 soldiers who were in danger were rescued by a couple of heroes we are not used to.

Three stray dogs somehow knew that the visitor It was not good at all, so they fought tooth and nail until, finally, they blew up. One of the dogs sadly lost his life when the bomb detonated, but the other two survived and managed to return to the barracks after successfully thwarting the enemy's efforts. Everyone left unharmed.

Upon his return to the United States, a grateful soldier knew that he had to do everything possible to get the dogs out of the battlefield for their sake.

It is sad that one of the dogs did not survive, but he died serving the United States Army, and it is clear that these soldiers still appreciate everything that had to happen. As for the other two, I'm sure they are adapting very well to their fantastic new lives.

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