This woman says she is allergic to her husband, will that be true?

Anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time or is married knows that it is a recurrent joke to say that you are tired of each other or that you can not stand and even say that you have an allergy.

, in the case of this 29 year old girl it turned out to be true. Johanna Watkins is from Minnesota and suffers from a disease called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome . This disease affects the immune system which means that she is allergic to virtually everything that surrounds her, including the smell of her own husband.

 No one believed this woman when she said she was allergic to her husband [19659005] The BBC network wanted to investigate on this issue and did an interview with Johanna herself and the doctors in the case. It turns out that the consequences of suffering from this disease are that the cells of your body, instead of protecting you from external agents, attack you . This means that almost everything can provoke an anaphylactic shock.

She began to realize that when her boyfriend entered the room and approached her, he began to feel worse and worse. The final moment that made him go to the doctor was when Scott cut his hair and when he came back smelled of hairdressing products. Johanna got worse quickly and they had to run to the hospital.

 No one believed this woman when she said she was allergic to her husband

Doctors have already tried four different types of treatments including chemotherapy, but not yet It seems to work. Scott, her husband, has stated that he does not intend to leave his side for a minute, only for preventive measures, and that the situation is really frustrating.

 No one believed this woman when she said she was allergic to her husband
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Right now Johanna lives in her house but can not go outside unless it is to go to the hospital to visit her doctor. At the moment they are waiting for new research or for some treatment to work properly but right now they can only wait and give their best in a really complicated situation.

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