This video recalls how dangerous a collapse can be, destroying everything

Unfortunately, our planet not only offers wonderful places and amazing landscapes, but sometimes we have to witness many natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes … and that are accompanied by disastrous consequences for nature and those that

Among these disasters, landslides are often very destructive to society, because everything in the area of ​​landslides is often completely destroyed and reduced to rubble.

 This video recalls how dangerous a collapse can be, destroying everything

People who do not live in areas prone to landslides often forget that they exist, but in reality they happen all the time, and they cause millions in losses. [19659002] A video recently came to light to remind people how destructive a collapse can be. The video was filmed in Japan in 2007. The origin of the collapse that is recorded in the video begins on the right side of the screen, showing a road that is blocked, to prevent anyone from putting themselves in danger.

Little by little , the road begins to move, and suddenly the slope of the mountain also come down.

It is frightening and amazing to see the power with which the trees come down as if they were dragged by a strong current of water

If someone had had the misfortune of being caught in a collapse like this, he would have died instantly by the immense weight of the trees, debris, earth and water that fell down the slope.

Landslides are quite complex natural disasters, but like many others, they can be predicted to prevent people from getting trapped and being harmed.

In the video you can clearly see what The road is blocked so that no one could drive down the slope at that time, and it was a good idea, since it saved many lives.

In the last six years worldwide, 32,322 people have died. landslides, especially in Southeast Asia.

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