This test will help you to enter the world of phobias

Fear is a natural reaction that prevents us from facing a dangerous situation, sharpening our senses, generating adrenaline, etc. On the contrary, when we talk about phobias, we refer to an irrational fear caused by a psychological disorder before a certain stimulus that under normal conditions should not cause fear. This generates a malaise in the people who suffer from it, negatively affecting their daily life and damaging the relationship with their environment and with their loved ones.

In the Test that we propose below, some of these phobias appear, which, although they are a great problem for those who suffer, but do not stop being somewhat curious.

We hope you enjoy the following test! Share how many you are able to hit but … It's not worth cheating using Google to find the answers!

Did you know all these phobias or suffer from any? You can leave us your opinion in the comments

We hope you liked it at the same time that you acquired new knowledge. If it's been like this, C share it with your friends!

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