This shy kitten dances to the rhythm of "Uptown Funk", and is very adorable!

Who does not like to listen to a party song? Well, this kitten is no less than the others and can not help but dance the hit and catchy song "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.

Winnie was adopted by his new family and since then leads a life surrounded by love. The adorable Winnie has been stealing the hearts of many people since its owner first uploaded this video to social networks.

The video on YouTube has more than 3 million views, and Winnie now even has a Facebook page in which his fans can keep up with his life.

 This shy kitten dances to the rhythm of

Winnie was adopted by the Arlington Animal Welfare League. The mission of this host organization is to improve the lives of animals. With all the love and attention that Winnie is receiving from her family, and now from her followers, it seems she is, without a doubt, living the good life! On top of that, it brightens up our lives with its funny and adorable antics.

But we're not saying that Winnie is exactly the cat queen of pop … We're pretty sure her foster family could have used candy, toys, another cat or anything else that would lead her to do that … Who knows? But it's safe to say that tenderness is the only thing that counts.

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