This puppy tastes the peanut butter, but then it can not be controlled!

There is nothing more adorable than when puppies do something new for the first time; from the first trip to the beach to try some new food.

Warning! Please, make sure that the butter of peanut that you buy from your children does not contain xylitol . Xylitol is also very bad for dogs.

 This puppy tastes peanut butter, but then it can not be controlled!

You can not miss this adorable little dog trying for the first time to see peanut butter. With those big eyes he has, he begins to lament the contents of the spoon, then he bites the spoon and even tries to eat it. As you can tell he's still very small … It's too cute !!

And as you know, peanut butter is very sticky so this puppy ends up with a face full of churns all over his face, and he has no better idea than licking his own face. It really seems that he has liked this new food, the pity is that it is not a product at all recommended for dogs, due to the large amount of sugar it contains.

The owners will think twice the next time they're going to give him peanut butter, because with that craving he's going to leave them with no cream for his sandwiches !!

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