This Plant can take the life of a child in less than 1 minute – Rolloid

Normally, our houses are usually full of plants. They make our life in them more pleasant and that is why we decided to grow and grow these beautiful green plants that give freshness and color to our homes. However, some can be quite dangerous. They can negatively affect your health and that of your family members. Especially that of young children, who can be in great danger if they touch some of those plants.

Surely you have heard about a dangerous plant that is capable of killing children in less than 1 minute, or even the adults in 15 minutes. It is a very poisonous plant, and one that can be found quite frequently in homes.

Here is a message from a defeated mother who wanted to share her story:

"Recently I lost my angel of 3 years, that for a terrible mistake swallowed a leaf of this poisonous plant. His tongue began to swell enormously, which led him to choke until he ended up suffocating … This damn plant took my beloved daughter. There is nothing worse in this world than losing one of your children, and for that reason I would like that no one else would go through all that we have suffered in my family after this incident. Please, do not keep this type of plants in your homes, or it could cost you the life of that person you love so much. Please, warn your friends . "

 Be very careful! This Plant can take the life of a Child in Less than 1 minute

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