This Older Woman sat in the Battery, but Nobody was prepared for what Happened – Rolloid

Who says that getting older means losing all sense of fun? Doing the things that you like the most when you want is something that we should always keep in mind, but it seems that it is something that we forget over time … It may be due to the responsibilities that we are acquiring, or simply because of the routine in which We enter with work. Either way, life as an adult is not as it is painted.

It may seem like something unimportant in our busy life, but cut for the sake of it and enjoy it once in a while is a part really important to maintain good mental and physical health.

In an article published in the journal "Psychology Today", the renowned Professor Boulder states that "Trying to deprive yourself of fun eventually leads to criminality, obesity and decrease of creativity ". In an era where people end up resorting to medication as the solution to their problems, it may come as a surprise that diet, exercise and a bit of fun can help you feel much better in many aspects of your life. lifetime. There is no excuse to put it aside!

Therefore, seeing how well this woman from the video is doing is something that will make you smile. Although she can no longer say that she is at the beginning of the prime of life, she does know what it is to cut to the chase and play the drums with all her energy.

Do not miss how he plays "Wipe Out" by The Surfaris. We hope you like it!

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