This old woman was digging a pit, but the Neighbors realized the shocking truth …

It's a great act of kindness to offer to help an older person when he needs it, and at the beginning, that's exactly what this video seems to be about

. the recording that we show below you can see how an older woman seems to need some help while she is digging "innocently" in the middle of the lawn.

Equipped with her gardening hat, gloves and wheelbarrow full of dirt, nothing seems be out of place But look better. What's that? Is there a pair of legs coming out of the ground? Wait a moment … Are you digging a grave ?! It seems that this woman is digging a grave to bury a body in the garden … Excuse me? Such a crazy woman!

 This old woman was digging a pit, but the Neighbors realized the shocking truth ...

It seems a somewhat macabre situation, so if you like black humor, you're going to enjoy with this video. But do not worry – it was all about a joke, courtesy of the guys from Just For Laughs in Quebec, Canada.

While the most innocent people pass by on foot, this woman enters the scene, and uses all her techniques to Try to get some kind and trusting person who serves as a victim to help you bury the body of your deceased husband. Just wait to see their reactions when they realize what is hidden under the earth …

And once they realize that everything is a joke, the expression of their faces changes in an instant from a complete horror of absolute relief. You can not stop laughing!

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