This mother dog meets her precious babies. Your reaction is adorable

When you finish reading the story we bring you today, you will love this beautiful family.

Asha Attie is a little Shih Tzu who was abandoned to her fate in the streets of Los Angeles, and worst of all I was pregnant. What cruelty! Fortunately for her, a shelter in Los Angeles picked her up.

Until then she had had a life in which they had cared very little for her; She was infested with fleas and her hair was very tangled, and because of the knots, she was unable to nurse her puppies once they were born, greatly reducing their chances of survival.

 This little dog mother is reunited with her precious babies. His reaction is adorable

However, the Bill Foundation decided that they could not sit idly by and decided to act. They picked up Asha Attie and took her to the shelter vet. It took more than an hour to shave her, but it was just in time for her to start feeding her babies. When Asha Attie was able to see her puppies again … well, you're going to have to watch the beautiful reunion for yourself!

At Rolloid we are very happy that Asha Attie and her puppies are finally healthy and happy. Thank you to all of the Bill Foundation for your work!

 This little dog mother meets her precious babies. Your reaction is adorable

Do not miss the following video that we show below in which you will be able to see the reunion of mother and children, and the beautiful creatures being breastfed by the happy mom. I already notice that it's adorable!

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