This man described his wildest Christmas. Your story will not leave you indifferent.

We recently received an email in the newsroom of a man who told us about his most "wild" and funny Christmas. We do not know if the story is real or not, but we had to share it because we could not stop laughing when reading it. The story in question is as follows:

"Every Christmas, my brother used to hang a pair of socks on the fireplace in his house in case Santa Claus happened to fill them with gifts. Obviously it was a joke, but if it worked, better than better. Unfortunately, every December 25, he got up and saw that the stockings were still empty.

 This man described his wildest Christmas. Your story will not leave you indifferent.
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One year, I decided to make your dream come true. I put on some sunglasses and got into the biggest erotic shop in my city in search of an inflatable doll. They do not usually sell that kind of stuff in the supermarket, so I did not have another. If you have never been in an erotic shop, I do not recommend it, I spent all my time asking things like "what is this for?", "Who is going to buy something like that?" Or "are you staying with me right? "

When I finally arrived at the area of ​​inflatable dolls, I wanted to go to the most basic model. A doll that was used to make a joke to my brother and also accompany me on those long trips in my truck.

Finding what I wanted was getting very complicated, this inflatable doll was a world apart, the most I did things I had only seen in adult movies. Finally I chose the doll "Dulce Luisa". It was the cheapest and it does not surprise me, not that it was very graceful, but that's what the imagination is for.

 This man described his wildest Christmas. Her story will not leave you indifferent.
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On Christmas Eve, with the help of an inflator, Luisa came to life. My sister-in-law was involved in the plan, so the next morning, she opened the door of her house around 7 o'clock. I went to the living room, I put Luisa's stockings on her, I leaned her against the fireplace and I took the cookies and the milk they had left for Santa. When I returned home I could not stop laughing, I was even nervous to know the reaction that my brother would have hours later.

About 11 in the morning, my brother called super excited to my house and told us that Santa Claus had He had been in his house and had left him a gift that had made him very happy. My brother's dog did not like the new member of the family so much, he did nothing but bark or run away from her.

When he told me he was an inflatable doll, we both agreed that he should stay in the room so that we all could contemplate it when we got home for dinner.

When we arrived, my grandmother saw her as soon as she entered and shouted "what the hell is that?", my brother hurried to tell her "it's a grandma doll", what my grandmother answered "but who plays with something like that?" The truth is that several people passed through my mind, but I kept quiet. "Where is your clothes?" Continued my grandmother, "mmmm, that grandmother smells good," my brother replied, but she was still pissed "why does not she have teeth?" She asked. Once again, I had a very simple answer to that question, but I preferred to keep quiet, I did not feel like spending Christmas night in the hospital and shouting "calm grandmother, hold on!"

My grandfather, a rather elderly man and with very little vision, he asked me "hey, who is the naked girl that is next to the fireplace?", I told her that she was a friend of Javi, my brother. A few minutes later I saw him trying to connect with Luisa, then I realized that my grandfather probably had a few Christmas left to live.

 This man described his wildest Christmas. His story will not leave you indifferent.
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The dinner came out of scandal. We had the classic conversation every year about those who have already died, those who probably die soon and how old we all were already. Then there was a noise and Luisa went flying. My grandfather got up from the table and was running (within his means) towards her. He began to talk to her mouth like there was no tomorrow. My brother, out of fright, had fallen off his chair (he has the typical mania of tilting the chair backwards so that it stays on two hind legs) and my grandmother had peed on it. When I looked around and watched the scene, I could not stop laughing. It was definitely a Christmas to remember.

Later, we took Luisa to the garage and discovered that her fading had been caused by a bite of the dog on the back of her right knee. Nothing that a well placed zeal could not solve. We inflated Luisa and gave her life back. I think my grandfather keeps calling her when he feels lonely. "

 This man described his wildest Christmas. Your story will not leave you indifferent.
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I still can not stop laughing when I read the letter. That night was anything but an ordinary Christmas dinner.

And have you had a different Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

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