This lovely older couple leaned over the piano, watch out for this improvisation that will melt your heart!

As we all know music has a lot of power, but when it is put in the hands of Alzheimer's patients it becomes even more incredible. When used properly, music can change mood, relieve stress, stimulate positive feelings, facilitate cognitive function and coordinate motor movements. Music has been shown to give life to patients with dementia.

The documentary Alive Inside showed the reaction patients have when they play music from their time (from the 30s to the 40s and from 50) on an iPod.

The result was absolutely incredible. Patients who could not even speak began to suddenly remember things from 60 years ago, as if it were yesterday. Again and again, research has shown that men and women who have lost almost all cognitive ability are able to play their musical instrument just as they did in their youth.

The couple in the following video is not a exception. The duo got married in 1946 and have been inseparable ever since. While they waited for an appointment at the Mayo Clinic, they decided to play the piano and give those in the waiting room a memory they would not forget. They played a wonderful old melody called Old Gray Bonnet that would brighten up any day.

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