This kitten is watching a scary movie, but it's his eyes that say it all!

We've all been through this situation once. One night you were alone and bored, and you wanted to do something entertaining, and the best thing that happens is to take your computer, go to Netflix and look for a movie. What kind of music do I feel like watching a movie today? And you have the great idea of ​​watching a horror movie.

After a while, you regret it, because it's giving you more fear than you expected, and besides, you're alone!

Believe it or not, the animals also do the same (although they require a little help with the computer, since Apple does not yet have accessibility features for the animals, which seems a little hard to believe, but it is true).

 This kitten he's watching a scary movie, but it's his eyes that say it all!

This kitty is watching a scary movie while its owner was filming this video. If you're one of mine, you've probably seen enough horror movies in your free time. Assuming that is the case, then when you watch the video, you probably expect the startle that the kitten takes, typical of movies of this genre.

Do not miss the next video in which this little one comes out and adorable kitten while watching a scary movie, and pay close attention to the cat's eyes, which will show you when a scene is really scary.

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