This Japanese woman eats 150 nuggets in a matter of minutes

As you can tell at first hand, it's not particularly hard to eat dozens of chicken nuggets in one sitting, especially when it's 2 in the afternoon and you have dozens of chicken nuggets; is that they are so rich, and if they come with barbecue sauce …

As for eating 150 chicken nuggets McDonalds in a matter of minutes … well, that's just crazy, but a professional dining room in Japan makes it look like ridiculously easy in a video that has been published recently.

 This Japanese woman eats 150 nuggets in a matter of minutes

Look like Yuka Kinoshita, the same eating machine that ate 100 slices of bread (among many other things ), eat 10 giant boxes of 15 nuggets in one sitting. He even dips the nuggets in various sauces like barbecue, mustard, cheese and fruity curry, and basically makes the mountain of all the fried foods in front of him look like a simple snack.

In total, it takes only about 21 minutes to finish all and, judging by his miraculous composure, probably could have eaten more. Damn it.

It seems somewhat surreal that a girl who at first glance does not have a body suitable for her "serve", can eat all those nuggets in a matter of minutes, I love the nuggets would not eat or 2 boxes of nuggets from the McDonals of the pull.

 This Japanese woman eats 150 nuggets in a matter of minutes

Despite how good the nuggets are, I do not think anyone I know is capable of matching this girl, not only for eating 150 nuggets, but for doing it in the ridiculous time of 21 minutes.

Regarding health, not saying if this could be healthy or not, it is more likely that this will not be I must do it very often since it is not good or eat so fast or so much food in one sitting. I hope you like the following video.

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