This dog suffered terrible abuse, but the rescue was amazing

Attention: The following story contains quite impressive images.

Anyone who works with animals that may have been abused, such as the Director of the Charlestone Animal Anti-Cruelty Society, Aldwin Roman, has been able to come across some images really shocking throughout his life. And despite all your experience, this case that we are going to talk about hit you quite a bit. Roman called it "The most twisted case of animal abuse I could find in my entire career."

The case we're going to talk about is about Caitlyn, an adorable dog mix of Staffordshire Bull Terrier and chocolate color for 15 months of age, found in North Charleston, South Carolina. They found Caitlyn with an insulating tape wrapped so tight around her mouth that her tongue was stuck between her teeth. The insulating tape also caused many skin wounds.

This is Caitlyn right after the insulation tape can be removed. His tongue, protruding from his mouth, might have to be partially amputated.  This Dog was cruelly mistreated ... The end will leave you speechless

Caitlyn was a very good friend and acquaintance of the neighborhood. However, some heartless person apparently saw it as an easy target, and gagged his muzzle in an act of extreme cruelty .

 This Dog was cruelly mistreated ... The end will be left speechless

She was found on the threshold of a house on May 27 with electrical tape around her mouth, and they suspect she may have been suffering from this cruelty for more than 48 hours. This means that he was in terrible pain, and unable to eat or drink anything during all that time.

Caitlyn was quickly examined by one of the specialist members of the Animal Society.

 This Dog was cruelly abused ... The end will leave you speechless

When the tape was removed, the dog had a severe swelling and could leave permanent damage. His tongue, which was trapped between his teeth, had lost a lot of blood, and it could have to be partially amputated if the tissue started to die. Caitlyn may end up with permanent marks on her face, and the dead tissue of her face can present many difficulties.

"Leave this dog dying of pain, without being able to eat or drink and now find itself in the position of the The possibility of losing his tongue is really disheartening, "commented Roman.

Aldiwn Roman, the Director of Anti-Cruelty in the Animal Society, visited Caitlyn.

 This Dog was cruelly mistreated .. The end will leave you speechless

His face is very swollen, but for now he is doing quite well.

 This Dog was cruelly mistreated ... The ending will leave you speechless

 This Dog was cruelly mistreated ... The end will leave you speechless

The character, to call it somehow, who did this to Caitlyn is currently at liberty, but the Sociedad de Animales is offering $ 1,000 reward for any information that may lead to your capture. If found, the author would face a fine of $ 5,000 and up to five years in prison.

Luckily, Caitlyn is recovering. She has a long way to go, but she's doing pretty well for the extreme of her situation.

She's still not completely out of danger, but being cautious, everyone is waiting for her recovery.

 This Dog was cruelly mistreated ... The end will leave you speechless

(via CNN WCIV )

If you would like to help Caitlyn, or any another dog, you can make a donation to the Animal Society through its Facebook Page .

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