This Cachorrito becomes the Dead so as not to bathe

Dogs love to keep all the fun they can in our gardens, however, they will always try to do anything to avoid having to be bathed.

They are very ingenious, and the truth is that dogs , those adorable creatures on all fours that we love so much, can become quite lazy, and the truth is that many people do not get to understand …

 This Funny Puppy becomes the Dead before the Laughter of its Owners

then that moment arrives, after having been playing all day and wallowing in the earth and ending up with mud up to the ears, when we decided that it would be a good idea to give him a good bath to leave it as good as new.

However, there it is when these little animals come into action .

This puppy hates the idea of ​​having to bathe so much that he would do anything to avoid it, and using all his imagination, it occurs to him that the best way to The cold water in the hose is playing dead. Someone should give an Oscar to this puppy!

Do not miss the funny video of the best performance of this puppy. We hope you like it!

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