This adorable mockingbird was deformed and close to death, and he puts this kind of "sandals" on his feet

The big-hearted people of the California Wildlife Center found a wounded mockingbird in the forest that needed a little help getting up. The boy had a deformity that prevented him from being able to perch on a branch. This deformity, if not corrected, would eventually lead to death.

This protrusion in the joints is a fairly common injury among young birds of all species, which usually appears on the legs and toes of these. If left untreated, they begin to develop wounds in their joints and can become infected easily and lead to serious consequences. Every year, the wildlife center receives 5 to 10 cases like this, but this time they found it on time.

 This adorable monster was deformed and close to death, and he gets this kind of

"We needed adapt their feet back to the way they should be ", CAQ veterinarian Duane Tom told The Dodo. "Essentially, we have used cardboard pieces with tape placed on your fingers in a correct position. It usually takes a week or two to use those platforms before your feet adapt to the natural form. "

With this method, in about a week, this mockingbird solved the problem and thereby saved his life and you can spend the rest of your life in nature.

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