This adopted puppy went completely crazy when his father finally arrived at home

One of the greatest joys of having a dog is knowing that when you get home, someone will be really happy to see you. Dogs always pour all their energies to welcome the people they love most. And that warm reception shows how much you love dogs.

In this video, you can see an adorable dog that goes completely crazy when his faithful companion comes home.

This Staffordshire terrier called Patch, was adopted for this couple of humans last year. Since they first saw him in the shelter, a strong bond between them emerged that changed their lives forever. Patch became a fundamental part of this family and since he first came to his new home, they had never separated.

At all times, Patch always followed his new father, Mark, wherever he went. However, one day Mark had to make the decision to leave several days due to work, and Patch had to stay alone at home, with his mother, who explained how it had affected him, he was very sad and had lost part of his appetite . However … when Mark finally returned home, his reaction was really shocking.

One of our rescue dogs has become an internet sensation after a video of him greeting his owner went viral! Patch the staffie was rehomed by Kerrigan and Mark from our Lanarkshire center in May last year and you have a really special and strong bond with Mark. When Mark had to go away for a week, Patch was lost without him. Here is the moment they were reunited 🙂

Gepostet von Scottish SPCA am Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016

Not really adorable? There are not enough words to describe how much Patch loves his beloved father. You are very lucky to have such a fantastic family!

If you are thinking about adopting a dog, we encourage you to take this big step. You will have someone who will love you unconditionally for the rest of your life and will give you the greatest welcome you have ever had when you get home.

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