They launch new cannabis capsules that could replace analgesics

The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial and much debated topic today. Although more and more are in favor of the beneficial effects it has for health, there are still a large number of detractors who oppose this initiative.

For those who are still undecided and do not know which side If you decide to use the latest medication that has been created from this famous plant, you may leave it in doubt.

 They launch new cannabis capsules that could replace the analgesics

The new medicine distributed in small capsules is reaping surprising results, some studies have even shown that one of these new cannabis capsules could provide both relief and analgesics that currently exist even to be able to replace them completely

Continue reading to learn more about these innovative marijuana capsules.

 They launch new cannabis capsules on the market. They could replace analgesics

A Florida company has invented a capsule that can relieve the pain of menstrual cramps. With a base created from aromatic cocoa butter, it could be an effective substitute for Vicodin or Ibuprofen.

Each capsule contains 60 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 10 mg of cannabidiol (DBD) that would help eliminate stresses and menstrual cramps.

THC is a known pain blocker, while CBD is a natural relaxant. These combine to relax the muscles, inhibit spasms and stop inflammation.

 They launch new cannabis capsules that could replace the analgesics

Today, this treatment is only provided in California and has not yet been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The tests are still in the early stages, so it is difficult to know for sure what the pros and cons of this new drug are in the long term.

The greatest benefit of this discovery would be to get the replacement of the current analgesics, which are very often objects of abuse. It is estimated that 4.7 million Americans are dependent on painkillers, with 7% literally addicted.

While cannabis can cause dependence, the National Institute of Drugs and Abuse estimates that only 9% of the population who test marijuana becomes addicted, a number that may not seem so high compared to the 10% produced by alcohol or 75% of tobacco.

The benefits of cannabis as an alternative medicine are still under evaluation, however, many of its Positive aspects are coming to light day after day. It would not be surprising some years later this type of drugs be used with total normality.

 They release to the market new capsules of cannabis that could replace the analgesics

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