These Labrador puppies follow their father to the lake to take a bath

Being a father is something very special. From the moment your little ones are born, you have a great responsibility on your shoulders. Not only do you have to make sure that your little ones do not miss anything, but you also have to take care of their education. It is a complicated task, you will become his role model and you will have to teach him and show him the world around him as he grows older.

And as we just mentioned, children learn thanks to their parents walk, talk and behave; but also children usually have the same hobbies as their parents, whether significant or barely noticeable.

And for better or for worse, this also happens in the animal world, as you will be able to check below with this family of farmers

 These Labrador puppies follow their father to the lake for a swim

Like human babies, puppies are eager to learn and will not waste the opportunity to observe and learn from what their pups do. parents.

This Labrador has six dependent children and clearly loves to go right behind him when they go for a walk.

Being a clear outdoor fan and a very attentive father, he decided to take them to the lake to They learned to swim and dive.

 These Labrador puppies follow their father to the lake for a swim

Some did not think twice and dived behind him, splashing the others s, while others were a little more cautious and were not so sure, and it was clear that they had not yet learned to swim.

But his father was not going to give up: he patiently taught them how to swim. Have you ever seen something like this?

The following clip shows us that raising children, regardless of the species, is not an easy task and requires patience, especially if you have so many adorable children to teach!

What do you think of this kind of swimming?

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