These incredible dragon gloves with scales will protect you now that "winter is coming"

The beloved and hot summer has already left and autumn is approaching, with its rainy days and the dreaded cold. But we must recognize that we deserve a truce of heat, and a little fresh is appreciated. The only thing that makes me lazy about this season is that I have to take all the winter clothes out of the back of the closet and get all my gloves and scarves, so I do not get caught by the cold.

you, are you ready for the cold of autumn and winter? If you have not started thinking about it yet, I understand you, but I also tell you that it is time. Today we bring you in the following article an innovative and eye-catching design of one of the most beloved winter garments: the gloves .

 These amazing dragon gloves with scales will protect you now that Mareshop in Etsy wanted to surprise us all with this new model of gloves, which they have baptized with the name of gloves dragon ! Why that name? Keep reading and you will understand everything.

Employing a variety of beautiful colors, crochet dragon scales, as well as a beautiful stitch crocodile pattern, these fingerless gloves are absolutely impressive . And not only will they make you look like a dragon, they'll also keep you warm! Well, except the fingers. They are 100% handmade with crochet and the material used is wool, acrylic, and mohair. They are incredible!

If you want to do with one of them, you only need to enter Etsy and find the pair that best suits your tastes.

What do you think? They are all a work of art that you will be able to show off, since surely very few people are so lucky as to have a pair of these dragon gloves!

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Source: Boredpanda

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