These girls became Victoria's Secret models

"After years and years admiring the models in the famous catalogs of Victoria's Secret we took the step and decided to turn ourselves into models"

 ] We tried the Victoria Secret swimsuits and this is what happened

Since childhood, they grew up idolizing all those women who came out in fashion magazines, and hoping that one day, possibly when they grew up, they could look in the mirror and see the same beauty in themselves.

Every summer we usually find those perfect images of Victoria's Secret models. And every summer, most people probably ask themselves the question why when those fabulous swimsuits arrive at stores and they try on them, those outfits are not so perfect.

So these brave Buzzfeed girls cheered up to recreate their own set of photographs on the beaches of Malibu. Each of them chose a Victoria's Secret model and tried to recreate her pose. They thought it was really important for women of all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors to try on those swimsuits and give a realistic image of a real human body on the beach. So that's what they did.

 We tried the Victoria's Secret Swimwear and this is what happened

The Model Nina:

 We tried the Victoria's Secret Swimwear and this is what happened

One of the girls, Nina, commented the following:

"Honestly, I would like to be able to go back to those times when they took their swimsuits completely closed. I have the problem of having a big chest and it is difficult to find a suit that allows me to move without impacting people. I assumed that those incredible Victoria Secret models simply put on makeup, put on their swimsuits, put on a pose and took the picture. Easy. But no, it was not as easy as it seemed. The sand was very hard and my knees hurt. It was very cold that day and I did not want to wet my hair in the frozen water of the Pacific. I did what I could with my body to try to look like that model, without much success.

Seeing these great models, is a constant reminder that never in my life will I ever have that perfect skin, or that body that they want to show us There are many ways to represent those bodies of ten, and beauty in general, but we are letting ourselves be led by that ideal image. I would like to see someone like me in a magazine, but I'm still waiting.

 We tried the Victoria's Secret swimwear and this is what happened

The model Allison:

 We tried the costumes of Victoria's Secret Bath and this is what happened

I feel very aware of myself when I wear a swimsuit, especially if it's a bikini. I was lucky to be able to bring one piece to the end. I think I would have been very nervous to have had to put on a bikini, because I feel very exposed to them, even if they do not photograph me. Everyone has cellulite, stretch marks … However everything is modified or tricked (or passed by photoshop), nothing that we can see is real. It's important to remember it.

The Sheridan model:

 We tried the Victoria Secret swimsuits and this is what happened

It's going to sound like complete madness, but even if you do not believe me, I'm not a true Victoria's Secret model. I know, I know, it's really shocking. I wish I could claim that I was a 13-year-old girl who did not care about the Victoria's Secret Angels, but I would be lying to myself. I used to look at pictures of those girls and I wished I could one day become one of them. Especially in those that were always like "I love stretching to exercise, I love hamburgers …"

I've never been a big fan of swimsuits. Why are they so glued? Why can not any of them hold my chest well? (Oh, people "concerned" with my health, this is the part where they usually tell me that if I complain about not being able to find swimsuits of my size, I should lose weight.) So imagine how nervous I was when I had to put on a damn swimsuit on a beach and also the photo posted all over the internet with the super model Behati Prinsloo, who was married to Adam Levine. Guys, this position hurt a lot more than I could explain. The hard sand, the pressure on my knees … Even my breasts seemed like wanting to escape from prison. Oh, and hello belly!

Model Lara:

 We tried the Victoria Secret swimsuits and this is what happened

Swimsuits and I are not very friendly yet. More well-known than they would never really be for a coffee. I have great abdominal pain with swelling, and that's why I'm always very shy when it comes to my stomach. Thinking about doing something like this before, it made me tremble. Also a big applause to Mother Nature for blessing me with my menstruation a few hours before having to put on a completely white bikini. I have endometriosis, and that's why my moment of the month is literally torture or hell. I was very uncomfortable showing my belly, I was in pain, but most of all, I just wanted to find out how the hell he got the model put his hands that way. I still do not know, so it's clear.

It's really hard to look at these women in the magazine and try to compare them to them. I mean, they're just perfect. I would like to be able to find a magazine that could read and find models that I could point to and say .. "Oh my God! that looks a lot like me! "and not what happens now that is more like …" Oh my God … I wish I looked like her "

 We tried the Victoria Secret swimwear and this is what happened

The Kirsten model:

 We tried the Victoria Secret swimsuits and this is what happened

I think I have the same level of anxiety as most Women when it comes to carrying something since it practically does not cover anything your butt. I knew that I was going to find myself outside of my comfort zone. I did not think I would ever find myself struggling with the waves of the sea, or wetting my hair and struggling with the wind while playing a Calvin Harris song in the background. I also took a pack of Pop-tarts, something I regretted all the time.

What's really annoying about those magazines is that they just make you feel like crap. You see those swimsuits, and the models, and you do not see yourself represented. They are very beautiful women, without a doubt. But they do not represent how real women are.

Model Kristin:

 We tried the Victoria's Secret Swimwear and this is what happened

First, the big problem with this Swimsuit were my breasts. I'm not really in a pose that can show how incredible I felt, but you can ask whoever you want, I threw myself all day taking selfies and enjoying myself. I think I did not realize how long the model's arm was until I tried to imitate her pose, and my own arm collided with my beloved breasts.

Just remember, no matter your shape or your size, you're just perfect being as you are.

 We tried the Victoria's Secret Swimwear and this is what happened

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