There is a cat hidden among all these owls

Do you think you're too old for a new round of "Find Wally"? It may have cost you to find the hidden panda among so many snowmen, or at least the vast majority of people took a while to get it. However, if you think it was a piece of cake, here we bring you a new challenge that will give you a good time in full concentration.

In this new mission you will have to find the adorable kitten that is hidden among this great number of owls . It seems simple, right?

But wait! Before you start looking for it, prepare a stopwatch so you can share how long it took you to locate it. If you already have everything ready … Go ahead!

What do you think about this new challenge? Do you think you can find the kitten among all these owls?

 Will you be able to find the Adorable Cat hidden among these Owls?

Did you find it hard to find him?

If you liked this new challenge, Share it with your friends and comment how long it took you to find the kitten! ?

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