The Sexiest Wedding Ball that is sweeping the internet

A newlywed in Miami is sweeping the internet with her seductive "Bride Dance", which made her husband a very special wedding gift.

 The Sexiest Wedding Dance is rampaging the internet [19659003] Renata Bresciani, a model and professional dancer, performed the dance during the reception of her wedding with Víctor Ruiz. </strong></p>
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Bresciani said in BuzzFeed News that she has been with her husband since 2013, and decided to perform at the wedding the dance as a special gift for him.

"I've performed in front of thousands of people in my entire life and I wanted my husband to have a special performance specifically for him," she said, "with songs that were dedicated to him to show him how much I love him, in an environment that is in my comfort zone, in which I dance. "

She started solo with a hot version of Aretha Franklin" (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman ".

L The couple's wedding was in July, but Bresciani posted her video of the wedding dance to Facebook earlier this month. Since then it has been seen almost a million times.

Ruiz and his groomsmen also held a dance for their new girlfriend at the reception, but we believe that the ladies won this time. Sorry, guys.

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