The Secret of the Giant Heads of Easter Island

It is very likely that you have ever heard of the gigantic heads of Easter Island or Rapa Nui, also known as moáis.

The 887 heads that dot the island were carved out of volcanic rock by the natives islanders getting to reach dimensions of almost four meters high and 14 tons of weight becoming a true wonders that constitute the main tourist reason of the island.

 The Secret of the Gigantic Heads has been revealed Easter Island

"For the people who erected and used them, they were really recipients of sacred spirits. The carved stone and wooden objects of the ancient religions of Polynesia, when properly prepared by rituals, were believed to be charged by a spiritual magic essence called manna "

But it does not end there the whole story. Recently, a group of archaeologists who are part of the Easter Island Statue Project, headed by Jo Anne van Tilburg of the University of California, have made a surprising archaeological discovery.

Scientists have managed to unearth the bodies of the moáis to which only the head could be seen in the quarry of the Rano Raraku volcano. It turns out that these gigantic statues were not only constituted by the heads as was believed until now, but also hiding entire bodies buried underground .

 The Secret of the Gigantic Heads has been revealed Easter Island

Part of the good conservation of these ancient statues is due to their enormous size and weight have hindered the traditional theft of archaeological wonders to which we are accustomed. But the extent of its enormity has just come to light for the public.

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