The sad clown and his curious briefcase

In the 12th season of American Got Talent the audience and the judges were a little confused when an adult man dressed as a clown appeared on stage. The clown calls himself Puddles Pity Party and when he took the stage, everyone was very curious to see him perform.

He put his briefcase on a stool, then placed his flashlight on the floor and, then, sadly turned to the judges and the public.

 Puddles Pity Party video: The sad clown and his curious briefcase spread across the networks

When the jury, which includes Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel, asked some questions to Puddles, his acting of mime prevented him from responding with words, so he used gestures with his hands to communicate.

Soon, Puddles raised his thumbs up and a version Haunted from " Chandelier " (from the singer Sia) began to sound. It was then that Puddles let his deep baritone voice surprise everyone with an opera version of this hit song.

 The video of the Puddles Pity Party: The sad clown and his curious briefcase spreads through the networks.

Both the audience, as well as the judges, were perplexed when Puddles began to sing. He had only a few verses and already had the audience at his feet applauding; they realized at the moment that Puddles really has an amazingly powerful and impressive voice.

See for yourself in the following video how strangely enigmatic is the appearance of Puddles in the American Got Talent.

 the networks the video of Puddles Pity Party: The sad clown and his curious briefcase

You never have to wait for someone because of his appearance. And is that, if you saw a guy dressed as a clown on stage, what would you expect? Well surely a funny and funny performance to encourage the public and the judges.

No one would have expected a clown to have such a spectacular voice, it was certainly a truly magical performance.

What do you think of the performance of this clown so peculiar? Post your impressions in the comments section.

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(Proceed until minute 0:53 to see the performance directly)

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