The real danger of "secondary drowning" in swimming pools this summer

Swimming is a fun activity for any child. But water can be dangerous, and you have to keep a strict watch on the pools and rivers in your loved ones. This family suffered a terrible experience when one day in the pool turned into a real nightmare. Now they are sharing their story with parents around the world hoping that their experience can help save lives and a similar situation does not happen again.

At 3 years old, Lizzie was swimming in the pool of a member of

 The real danger of

Her older brother Sam threw himself on her quickly, but Lizzie had a gray face, blue lips and was spitting water.

 The real one danger of

Sam acted quickly and tried to revive her and, at first, seemed to recover. But soon she began to feel extremely tired and began to fall asleep.

 The real danger of

Suddenly, her aunt came by and told Lizzie's mother not to let her sleep under any circumstance. He had recognized the signs: Lizzie was experiencing a fatal condition called "secondary drowning."

 The real danger of

Secondary drowning (also called "delayed drowning") is an unusual occurrence, and occurs when a small amount of water enters the lungs and then accumulates for several hours and inhibits respiration.

 The real danger of

The victims of secondary drowning often seem to be fine hours after have swallowed water, but then they begin to show symptoms such as coughing, vomiting, changes in breathing, and sudden drowsiness. Once they fall asleep, they never wake up.

 The real danger of

Thankful for Lizzie, her aunt's knowledge of this rare condition saved the life of the 3-year-old girl, and the lucky girl

 The real danger of

It is crucial that all parents, grandparents and adults know the deadly effects of secondary drowning . Knowing what to do in this situation could save the life of your child or someone else.

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