The nurse recorded the incredible moment when a baby is born inside an intact amniotic sac

As the fetus grows inside the protective membrane of its mother's amniotic sac, the sac normally bursts due to pressure, causing the mother to break water. The baby you are about to meet, however, was not born in the traditional way, and if you have a good stomach, you will come across a miraculous surprise.

The following material was recently recorded in a hospital in Spain. It captures the unusual moment in which a baby is born inside an intact amniotic sac, just minutes after his twin had been conceived in a normal way. This is also known as a birth "in caul", since the word "caul" means veil.

 The nurse recorded the incredible moment in which a baby is born inside an intact amniotic sac

Births "in caul "They are very rare and it is estimated that one in 80,000 births occur, possibly even less."

Curled up in a ball on the hospital table, you can see how the baby made subtle and light movements, and you can clearly see the umbilical cord blue also inside the sack. The doctors and nurses gathered around the baby, and it is quite clear that they are amazed at the medical miracle that was happening in front of their eyes.

I can only imagine how the baby could be taken out of the bag and see the moment in the two twins are reunited out of their mother's belly.

Check with your own eyes in the following video the fascinating birth of this baby.

Note: This video contains images that could be annoying for some people …

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