The new song "Savior's Shadow" by Blake Shelton will make you excited

Blake Shelton had a year that became a true rollercoaster of emotions: he got divorced, he recorded a record, he kept his seat as a jury of "La Voz" and he started a romance with the star and fellow musician, Gwen Stefani. All these great events in his life were too many for Blake to bear, but as expected, it seems that in the end he managed to find an appropriate solution for his busy mind.

 The new song

While he slept, the first lines of Blake's new song, "Savior's Shadow" came to mind. That morning he woke up and started creating the rest of the powerful song in much the same way.

Blake tweeted about his experience, shortly after, "I dreamed about the song last summer. I woke up and wrote everything I could remember. "And the truth is that I had no idea that the song was going to be a great success among fans of the country and Christian music, in addition to providing comfort and satisfaction himself he would never have imagined.

 The new song

Now, Blake returns to share the simple but inspiring video. Blake knows that all he has to do is play the guitar and sing in a low voice these wonderful words to convey his important message about everything he feels about the world around him. It's really beautiful!

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