"The lacquer, the foam and the gel make your hair fall more", myth or reality?

With the arrival of autumn, one of the greatest fears of both men and women comes back to haunt us: the dreaded hair loss. Around the fall of the hair there are a lot of myths and beliefs among which is the risk of using fasteners such as hair gel, lacquer or foam. Therefore, in today's article we are going to solve your doubt.

 Using lacquer, foam or hair gel can make your hair fall out?
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Before you start, you should know that the hair goes through three phases before falling off. First, the anagen phase or hair growth, which lasts from 2 to 6 years. Afterwards, the catagen phase or transition phase, which lasts only 10 days. And finally, the telogen phase which lasts about 3 months and is when the hair is kept at rest. Once these three phases are concluded, the hair falls irretrievably.

This natural evolution occurs again and again in all heads, therefore, it is inevitable that your hair will fall out. Of course, on average tend to fall about 100 hairs a day if you feel you lose many more, you should go to a specialist.

 Using hairspray, foam or gel can make your hair fall out? ?
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Does lacquer, foam and hair gel make your hair fall out?

The use of hair fixatives is very efficient when combing hair and lasts much longer weather. However, many people claim that its use causes hair loss. This, in reality, is not entirely true. The use of these products does not induce hair loss itself, the problem comes when they are abused.

As with many beauty products, the alcohol plays a fundamental role in its conservation . It is good for the product because it repels any harmful bacteria and keeps its properties intact, but is bad for the hair because it dries it.

When the hair is dry, it weakens and is more prone to falling off. In addition, the prolonged use of this type of products can produce the descaling of the scalp .

 Using lacquer, foam or hair gel can make your hair fall out?
Nomad_Soul / Shutterstock [19659014] 1- The lacquer

The function of the lacquer is to fix and give volume. When you apply it, what you actually do is basically spray very small particles of glue.

The difference between a good and a harmful lacquer is its composition . The differential component in this case is alcohol .

A fixative can contain different types of alcohol, but any of them applied to our hair in excess, makes it dry and has less brightness. This is because part of its humidity is carried away. In this way it weakens it and favors its fall.

As for how to use it safely it is best to apply it to a distance of between 25 and 30 centimeters with a ] circular movement . Ideally, do it to short bursts for the substance to get in your hair and stick it.

 Using hairspray, foam, or hair gel can make your hair fall out?
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2- Foam

Foams are mostly used to accentuate and prolong the hair curl. The effect is temporary for a lot of product you use, however, the residues that you leave are not removed until you wash your hair.

These residues dirty the hair, make it weak and weaken it, which, in the long run, will make you fall faster.

3- Gummin

Gummin is a chemical compound that contains products such as glycerin, triethanolamine or vegetable aniline. This product, due to its density and viscosity, adheres to the scalp, preventing it from breathing.

 Using hairspray, foam or hair gel can make your hair fall out?
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On the other hand, many gummines usually contain alcohol, which as we have commented previously, dries our hair. If we add the fact that it makes it drier and also does not let it breathe, it is clear that it is not recommended to use it.

When we do not breathe, our hair dies and falls. Even so, if you can not stop using it, avoid at least applying it to the root and scalp. It is best to apply the gel only on the tips to minimize their harmful effects. The same goes for wax, although it is not as aggressive as foam.

Between lacquer, foam, hair gel and wax, foam is the lightest product since a large part of its effects, how to get bulk are due to the significant amount of gas it contains and not to alcohol.

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<p style= Even so, the ideal thing is that you bring the hair to the natural one Learn to like yourself as you are and reduce the use of products of this type, as well as tools of heat … If not, you will only spoil it.

Did you have any idea how harmful these products were? Tell us in the comments!

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