The ingenious response of a child to a class exercise is spread over the networks

Children are usually innocent and, therefore, there are many occasions when they have totally absurd answers to questions that an adult conceives as logical. Most of the time the answer is not wrong, but it is unexpected and especially fun. This is the case of the child we bring you today, who has won the love of social networks with his peculiar class exercise.

The response of the child with whom few counted

The image has been uploaded to ] the social network Twitter by the user @_Alafuga and in a few hours has become viral thanks to the ingenious response of a student. The teacher put an exercise on writing the antonyms of four apparently simple words.

Few could think that the child was going to associate the word Day with the supermarket chain and therefore, wrote Carreful as the opposite word making a clear reference to the Carrefour supermarket chain.

The child's response has very funny in the social network which has led to other users have shared other responses and the laughter has continued thanks to the small.

Many of the answers to the original tweet ask the teacher not to put a bad note to the little one since all he has done is use his resources and answer the best he knew.

This shows us, once again, that children have a great imagination and that they are able to see much further than adults, that we would have been content with writing night in response to the exercise.

The image has won thousands of retweets on Twitter and we are sure that the teacher will not hesitate to share images and responses from her students with her new audience

The answers of children to exams always cause furor in the different social networks and after seeing this one we do not think anything strange.

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Source Twitter

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