The "green ballpoint" method will change the way you see things

Today we bring you an interesting article about the "green ballpoint" method in which we are going to tell you about the experience of a mother who decided to change her daughter's education by changing the typical way of highlighting only the errors that are committed in red and he was analyzing in practice what were the possible consequences that were going to have on his daughter with the passage of time. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting experiment that will open the eyes of more than one person.

Beginning at the beginning, her daughter barely went to preschool, since it was her mother who was in charge of educating her. When they were practicing before entering school, their activity notebook looked something like this:

 The incredible Method of

Do you notice the difference with a normal notebook? This mother never highlighted with red pen the mistakes that her daughter made, but highlighted with green the letters and circles that had gone better. Her little girl loved this method, and always, after finishing each line of the notebook, she asked … "Mommy, which one of them has gone better?" And she was even happier when she was surrounded by the prettiest letter writing the word "Very good."

 The incredible Method of

What is the main difference between the traditional method and this new one that we are showing you? Have you understood the difference?

  1. With the traditional method we are constantly focusing on errors . What stays engraved in the mind? Exactly, what you do is remember the letters that were misspelled, that is, the incorrect. Have you never seen the right answers surrounded by the color red? Do not! Our brain will always remember more what has been highlighted.
  2. In the new green pen method we always focus on what is correct . In this way we will always experience positive emotions, with a very different attitude. Without realizing it, our subconscious will try to repeat what we have done correctly (and that it was marked in green). It is a completely different new motivation. We will no longer be focusing on mistakes, but we will strive to do what is right.

This is a strong push towards learning since we are using a technique that positively rewards every success , and this supposes an extra motivation for young children that could not be achieved with the traditional method.

From small we have been accustomed to constantly focus on the defects, which is wrong. They taught us to think about it from school using the red pen. Of thirty words that could be in a row, we only struck one. 29 were fine, but we focused on the one that was wrong.

That custom is marked inside us until adulthood, and it is something quite difficult to eliminate, and that may also be one of the reasons why we can feel dissatisfaction in life .

If we put this new method of the green ballpoint into practice, we will see that even without showing the children the errors, they will disappear little by little, since they will always try to do it well because that's how they feel so much better.

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