The capsule of happiness has been discovered

Throughout our lives we spent a great time seeking to be happy. During that long road we encountered many obstacles, but the good news is that we have just discovered the capsule of happiness … I tell you the story!

 The capsule of happiness

Everything started with a woman anyone, in any place, at any time. All her life had been infinitely unhappy for having loved without being reciprocated: she loved her children, but they did not love her the way she expected. She loved her friends but they always did something that ended up disappointing her. She loved her house but there were rooms that were not completely to her liking, so that everything she loved ended up disappointing her at times. He was in a rather complicated state of mind. Sometimes she felt that her heart was one of her biggest problems and she ended up crying inconsolable to love without being reciprocated.

So the years went by. He lived in a eternal melancholy and his thoughts ended up sinking his most beautiful emotions, even he walked through life with little hope. In one of those moments he began to feel that life with all these problems was something that did not deserve his attention and that he should just let it go. Depression seized her for a few years, she refused to feel many things, because in the end nobody valued her effort.

At work her story repeated itself when she paid attention to details or when she was passionate about her homework, n or there was nobody there to accompany him in his feeling .

 The happiness capsule has been discovered
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This is a true story, and perhaps with it you feel identified. At some point in your life you may have thought like her if so, I tell you the other part of the story. Keep reading …

This woman had a great friend who for some reason did not finish disappointing her, so she allowed herself moments to enjoy some activities with him like going out, having an ice cream, walking, talking. He always tried to do all this with some regularity, because right after doing it he managed to obtain a memorable memory that made him happy, if only for a moment. It was something she put a great value on, a happiness capsule trapped in time. Even though he tried to share it with him, he never valued her as she expected. But she did not give up and kept doing it.

One day she realized that she had managed to gather a gigantic collection of memorable memories with him, and that each time that she took one, a big smile that could not be contained appeared instantly on his face again. Although this smile soon died when he realized that he did not feel the same.

In spite of that he was collecting each one of those moments, one day he discovered that his bottle was full and …

 The capsule has been discovered of happiness

"Conservando each encounter. A memorable memory, his eyebrows, his hands, a phrase or a word, a smile, even a look, a small moment frozen in time, a capsule of happiness.

It hurt me greatly that it was not relevant, until I understood that he should not value it and that to expect him to do that was to detract from my little capsule. I understood that all this was mine, so I kept it in a bottle as the most valuable jewels I use to remember the infiniteness of my soul and the sense of happiness in every moment of my life, even when perhaps the moment is not easy … "

Today I collect happiness capsules ready to use when I need them most … How many do you have?

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