The Bodyguard of Ed Sheeran publishes in his Instagram account the peculiar relationship that they maintain

World-class celebrities such as Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez have to go outside accompanied by security. Hence, most bodyguards tend to become part of the family and if not they ask Kevin, the bodyguard of the singer Ed Sheeran.

The most peculiar Instagram of a bodyguard

Kevin Kyers is known on social media for being the bodyguard of popular singer Ed Sheeran. Three years ago he started working for the singer and the good relationship between them is more than guaranteed, so much so that they have become inseparable.

The relationship started as a professional, but it is clear that spending so many hours together and go to all the events the singer goes to have made friends and for that reason they give us funny images like these in their official Instagram account.

The Instagram account was opened a few months ago, just a few months ago, and already has more than half a million followers; and it is that the fans of Sheeran find it very funny the relationship they maintain and the photos that go up both when they are together.

Kevin is getting his own legion of fans and is not surprising seeing his good humor and his daily deal with Sheeran . It's great to see how work can bring people together to the point of making them part of your family.

Kevin has been the one who has been there for the singer for the past three years, both professionally and personally and Ed pays for it by teaching him what he knows best: playing the guitar.

We have already followed him on social networks and we are aiming for this friendship relationship to keep going smoothly.

What did you think of this Instagram account? Did you know the funny relationship they both have?

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