The arrogance of a man nearly costs the life of a girl who suffers a seizure

The other day I went to dinner at a restaurant. In addition to my group, a man, a teenager, a girl and other diners enjoyed their dinner at their respective tables. Suddenly, the girl falls and begins to suffer convulsions.

 The arrogance of a man almost costs the life to a girl who suffers a convulsive crisis

Man: "All the world back, I know what to do! I will do a CPR! Somebody call an ambulance! "

The man kneels next to the young woman, who now had a head full of blood after the fall, and is getting ready to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Then another person enters the scene, suddenly, the teenager who was dining a few tables behind starts screaming.

Girl: "No, stop! Do not do that! Lord, make room for me and let me help you. "

Male: " Girl, you do not know what you're doing! Let me save his life! "

In a last attempt to prevent the man from performing CPR, the girl pushes him away from the girl who was still on the floor.

Girl: "There is no CPR for a person with seizures."

He then moves to the woman and places her head in a more natural position. It was obvious that he did know what he was doing.

Man: "Somebody grab this little girl. I need to resuscitate him before it's too late. "

Then the man pushes the girl and she struggles with him. The moment the young woman gets free, the woman stops convulsing. The teenager turns the body of the young woman until it is on her side and then begins to provide first aid. After a few seconds the woman manages to breathe again.

Girl: "See? I told you I did not need CPR. "

Male: " It's been lucky. Now stand aside. I'll take it from now on. "

Girl: " I'm afraid not. Now she is in a postictal state, the best thing is that we leave her space because she will surely find herself disoriented. "

Luckily, the woman remains lying on the floor without showing signs of struggle. As the girl talks to her and takes her pulse, the woman begins to respond.

Woman: "I'm …"

Girl: "Hi, I do not know worry Do you remember what happened? "

Woman: " Well, I remember that I fell to the ground and I've woken up now. "

Man: " He has had a heart attack! How can you not remember it? "

Girl: " You had a seizure, you probably do not remember it, do not worry. Does not it hurt anything? "

Woman: " Only the back and the neck. "

Girl: " Alright, I'm going to ask you to stand still, it is possible that your back has been injured. He is doing very well. Oh, here comes the ambulance …!

Doctor: "What happened?"

Man: I'll tell you what happened. This woman fell to the ground and had a heart attack. This little girl did not let me intervene and almost ended the life of this person. It was a miracle that the woman survived. They should arrest her. I could have killed someone.

Woman: You're wrong, you've had a seizure. It lasted approximately 90 seconds, it fell and a wound was made on the head. I looked to see if he had a possible contusion. Then he has entered a postictal state for 2 minutes, and now it seems that he has regained his orientation and is responding well to the questions I ask him. Has the put a little high and does not remember having fainted. He says that his back and neck hurts a little, so since the fall was hard he would have precautions with the spinal cord

Man: But are not you listening to the nonsense that he says? Do you expect us to believe that you know what you are doing? I'm going to call the police immediately

Doctor: Well, he does know what he's doing. Too good, actually

Man: And how do you know that?

Doctor: Well because tomorrow we have to work together on the night shift

It turns out that the girl was actually nurse. The man was expelled from the restaurant and arrested for pushing the girl

There are people who will never recognize their mistakes no matter how much we prove it.

 The arrogance of a man almost costs the life of a girl who suffers convulsive crisis

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