The 9 Strangest Stories That Have Occurred With Wine

Wine hides in its bottle many secrets and many stories. Today we are going to tell you the strangest we have found, so you can see that this precious drink also keeps some hidden detail.

Strange stories about wine you did not know

1- Music affects its taste [19659004] The 9 Strangest Stories That Have Occurred With Wine ” width=”748″ height=”427″/>
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Adrian North, of Heriot Watt University, conducted an experiment consisting of two tests. In the first one he asked the audience to separate several songs into specific categories. The music could be classified as: "powerful and heavy", "subtle and refined", "stimulating and refreshing" or "soft and fresh".

In phase two, North had a group of 250 people who tasted a wine , a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Chardonnay, while listening to previously classified music. After the test, the subjects were asked to group the wines in one of the categories mentioned above.

The result showed that the music had had a strong impact on the way we perceived the wine . The next time you go to a restaurant and order a glass of wine, look at the music, it could totally change the flavor.

2- Cheating the tasters

 The 9 Strangest Stories that have happened with wine

In 2001, a researcher from the University of Bordeaux tested 54 oenology students. He offered them two glasses of wine, one red and one white, he asked them to taste them and to describe their flavor.

They all identified the different grapes and tannins of each one. What they did not know is that they were both white. The researcher had dyed the white wine, successfully deceiving all the students.

A similar test was carried out at the California Institute of Technology, but in this case with an expensive and an inexpensive wine. This shows that we get carried away more by the price and type of wine, than really by its taste .

3- The Paris trial

The "Paris trial" is a story of Greek mythology in which the merchant Steven Spurrier held a showdown between world-renowned French wines and California wines in a contest.

The drinks were tasted by an important jury, in the one that was, for example, the editor of the most important wine magazine in France or the dean of French culinary writers.

Almost everyone expected the French to win, but after a blind tasting of the wines Whites, California won three of the top four places. They feared that the same thing would happen with the red wines, so Steven Spurrier, against the rules, told the judges the results of the white wine test.

Although the jury made an effort in the red test, California managed to get the number one.

4- Why is it offered with wine?

 The 9 Strangest Stories that have happened with wine

The origin of the toast is much simpler than many think. Before it was invented, a glass of wine involved four of the five senses : touch, taste, sight and smell. The ear was left out.

As the making of wine glasses was transformed into an art, people began to appreciate the fine sound of glass when they clashed two glasses, and this tradition was incorporated.

5- Thanks to the wasps

 The 9 strangest stories that have happened with wine

Although their bites are very annoying, we owe the wasps part of the wonder of the wine. During the summer, the fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae grows in the grapes of the vineyard, and this yeast is key to wine making beer and bread.

The winemakers after add more yeast, but if it is not present in the wine from the beginning, it will not taste the same. However, there is a small problem, and that is that it is only generated during the summer.

There the wasps come into play. They love grapes and when they mature in summer, they ingest them. Their stomachs are the perfect environment for this yeast to survive during the months of frost.

More importantly, when the wasps feed their young, they pass the fungus to their babies. In this way, when the larvae mature, the wasps will reintroduce them into the vineyards and the process starts again.

6- The red wine may not be as good as you thought

One of the components of the wine is a polyphenol called resveratrol and, the researchers claimed, that this antioxidant fights against all types of heart disease, cancer and inflammation.

However, in early 2014, scientists at the School of Medicine from Johns Hopkins University published a study suggesting that resveratrol may not be so special. Between 1998 and 2009, researchers followed about 800 villagers from Italian cities.

All were over 65 years old and drank moderate amounts of red wine. None had a particularly long life, 268 of them died, 174 had heart disease and 34 of them cancer.

7- Wine in space

 The 9 Strangest Stories that have happened with wine [19659007] In 1969, Buzz Aldrin, was the first astronaut to bring wine into space . He celebrated his communion on the moon, with a small host and a bit of fermented grape juice. But it was not the only one.

Charles Bourland was in charge of choosing the wine of the Apollo program, in which they tried to make the space flights more comfortable for the astronauts, improving the space food. Not only did he have to find something tasty, but it did not lose its flavor after being repackaged since they could not carry heavy bottles.

Working with researchers from the University of California, they decided on sherry wine. They poured it into a special plastic bag with a built-in straw. But the plan did not work. The wine, in zero gravity had a very unpleasant smell.

8- The poisoning of Romanee-Conti

 The 9 strangest stories that have happened with wine

A bottle of Romanée-Conti has a average price of $ 900- $ 1,000 and on one occasion, a bottle of the 1978 vintage came to be sold for $ 476,280 in 1993. With these prices, you can get an idea of ​​the concern of owners when they received a letter threatening to poison their plants.

In 2010, he received a map of his vineyards and a letter demanding $ 1.27 million. They were assured that he had already poisoned two of his vines and that they would attack more if they did not give it to him. The blackmailer was immediately caught by the authorities; he had obtained the map of his cellmate in prison.

9- Tiger bone wine

 The 9 strangest stories that have happened with wine

There are rare wines of all type of classes . From wines made from fermented tomatoes or rice wines, to such striking things as Korean wines made from human or Chinese faeces made from the genitals of dogs, seals and deer.

What we had never heard before was stone wine from Tiger, another Chinese invention. The recipe consists of soaking the bones of this animal in a vat of rice wine. The bottle can cost more than $ 800 and although it's illegal since 1993, it's still very popular.

Did you know all these stories about wine? Tell us in the comments!

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