The 8 Disturbing mysteries that follow 2018 without being resolved and that has the scientists puzzled

One of the greatest attractions of life is that you never know what will happen. The future is a mystery, perhaps the greatest of all. Despite this, there are still other unresolved puzzles that make us unleash imagination.

Life is very strange, but you probably already knew it. In fact, those who think otherwise, will realize with time one way or another. With so many unexplainable mysteries in this world, it is fortunate that we can sleep at night.

Here are 8 troubling mysteries that have not yet been explained:

1- The Guardians of the Lighthouse

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that continue 2018 unresolved and that has scientists bewildered

Off the coast of Scotland, there is an island that, according to rumors, is possessed by paranormal forces . There rests a large and ancient lighthouse that was once directed by 3 lighthouse keepers . One day, the members of the crew responsible for carrying supplies to the island were surprised to find the lighthouse completely empty.

On it could only find a note that read: "The storm has passed, the skies are calm God can do everything. " It is suspected that the 3 people in charge of guarding the lighthouse were dragged by this storm. However, there was never such a storm since it was not recorded or seen by anyone else in Scotland.

2- Fiji's mobile phone

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that continue 2018 unresolved and that has scientists bewildered

In 2015, a traveler found a mobile phone while in Fiji and decided to gossip its contents, unfortunately, what he found petrified him to the heart. On the phone there was a 10-minute video in which saw the murder of 4 men in the middle of the ocean .

The victims clung to the wreck while others shot between laughs . Despite the fact that the young man delivered the video to the authorities, neither the bodies nor the assassins appeared.

3- The Malaysian ghost ship

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that continue 2018 unresolved and that has the scientists Bewildered

The SS Ourang Medan was sailing across the ocean when his crew began sending distress calls. The Silver Star a US merchant ship that was off the coast of Malaysia at that time, quickly responded to the so-called SOS

While on their way to rescue them, they received a message in Morse code: " All the crew, including the captain, are dead . "

Soon after, another message arrived saying:" I'm dying ". When the Silver Star team came on board, they found the corpses of all the crew members with wide eyes and arms outstretched in front of them. When the crew departed from the SS Ourang Medan, the ship burned down and sunk to the bottom of the ocean suddenly .

4- The mysterious double of Pauline

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that follow 2018 unresolved and that has scientists bewildered

In 1922, a girl named Pauline Picard mysteriously disappeared from her family's farm in France. During the following week, various search teams tried to locate little Picard in a nearby forest, but unfortunately all efforts were in vain.

That same week, a girl who matched Picard's description was found wandering around streets of Cherbourg, a city located at 300 km from the place of his disappearance .

The detectives showed some pictures to Picard's mother, who instantly identified the girl as his daughter. The family reunited and they were happy, for a while at least.

A month later, a neighbor tripped over the decomposing body of a girl while walking near where Picard lived. There were some carefully folded clothes next to the body, which undoubtedly belonged to the body. Later, the mother of the little girl confirmed that the body belonged to her daughter and that the clothes matched what she wore on the day of her disappearance. Who was then the double that they took as their daughter?

5- Kenny Veach and the cave "M"

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that follow 2018 without being resolved and that has the scientists puzzled [19659002] Veach, an experienced hiker, uploaded a video to Youtube in which he was talking about a cave discovered wax from the Nellis Air Base . In the video he commented that as soon as he approached the cave "M", his entire body began to vibrate and that the tremors worsened as he approached the entrance. Petrified, Veach returned home leaving the cave behind him.

Completely obsessed, Veach planned a trip back in order to discover the truth. Months later, he did, although this time he was equipped with a video camera. Despite his long experience as a hiker, he was never heard from again .

6- The "Triangle of the disappearance" of Ireland

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that follow 2018 without being solved and that has scientists bewildered

There is a place in Ireland that the locals refer to as " The Vanishing Triangle " (Triangle of disappearance). This area receives this name due to the inexplicable disappearances that have been lived in its vicinity. In a span of 5 years, more than 7 women have vanished literally in this place.

There was a time when it was believed that these women had been abducted, especially since they all had the same characteristics : brunches under 30 years old . The biggest suspect in the case was Larry Murphy, however, there was not enough evidence against him.

7- The man who disappears in a crowded bus

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that continue 2018 unresolved and that has to puzzled scientists

In the 1920s, there was a lapse of 30 years where the disappearance of civilians became a tonic in the city of Vermont. The area in which these disappearances occurred was later given the name " Bennington Triangle " (yes, we see that we are very original, naming places of strange disappearances).

The authorities quickly ruled out the possibility that there was a murderer in the area, since the supposed abductees did not meet any standard . Both men and women, of all ages, disappeared inexplicably during those 3 terrifying decades.

Perhaps the most curious case of all was that of James Edward Tetford, a retired soldier who vanished while traveling in a crowded bus of people . There were 14 passengers on the bus, who testified that they saw him sleeping in one of the banks for a second to realize that he had disappeared the next.

8- The signal "Wow"

 The 8 Disturbing mysteries that continue 2018 unresolved and that has scientists bewildered

Since the beginning of time, humans have played with the possibility of establishing contact with alien civilizations . Some, however, seem to have achieved it even for just a minute.

Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Conjoin, two Cornell physicists, came together to perform a radio transmission that could cross space . Almost two decades later, on August 15, 1977, the desire of both physicists became reality.

The alien signal lasted no more than 72 seconds and was sent from an unknown location near the constellation of Sagittarius. This signal came from more than 120 light years away and was so surprising that a volunteer at that time wrote, "Wow!" In the original transcript, giving his name to the signal.

A Although the signal could never be traced again, this mysterious event caused many people to believe in extraterrestrial activity.

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