The 4 Reasons that show why dogs are so happy when we return home

If you have a dog for a pet you will know that they lose their heads when they meet their owners. However, we do not usually find an explanation for this attitude. To find out why, experts tell us that it is important to understand that dogs are descended from wolves. You must know that the current wolves have nothing to do with those who populated the earth a long time ago.

In fact there is a fundamental difference. The more social wolves joined humans, evolving, while the more antisocial ones did not want to know anything about humans. Dogs and wolves have a lot in common. There are some very similar behaviors in the two species.

The reasons why dogs are happy to return home

For example, both greet each other with a strong lick on the face that serves as an important social greeting and both wild dogs and wolves are greeted differently depending on the type of individual relationship they have.

 The 4 Reasons why dogs get so happy when we go home

However, unlike wolves, dogs actively sought the company of humans. The domesticated dogs acquired the ability to interact with humans using our own communication signals, such as gestures and looks.


Berns brain imaging research shows that dogs know how to differentiate between dogs and humans and distinguish between familiar and strange smells. In fact, the smell of a familiar human evokes a reward response in the brain something that no other scent has achieved, not even that of a family dog.

We are part of his family

] They do not see us as part of their pack, they know we are different, but there is a special place in their brain just for us .

"What we are discovering with image work is that dogs They love their humans, and not just for food. They love the company of humans simply for their own sake, "says Hekman.

 The 4 Reasons why dogs get so happy when we go home

Dogs will seek help from humans and not other dogs. This is a possible sign that dogs think that humans have resources that dogs do not possess, so they are a different kind of social entity.

In wolves, a herd is literally a family ] Mom, dad, puppies and some young descendants of other generations. Dogs see us as part of their family.

Their brain

In brain imaging research they discovered that dogs have brain responses analogous to those of humans. When they see us, they feel the same way we feel when we see a friend or someone we like. They, having no labels or names for people, have a much purer emotional response than we do. Their reaction depends a lot on the attachment they feel for us.

The behavior of a dog during the absence and when returning with the owners is very similar to that observed in children and mothers in similar situations. It also depends on the personality of the owner, the dog's temperament, the level of anxiety and the dog's ability to self-control.

 The 4 Reasons why dogs get so happy when we go home ]

Probably, during the time he was alone, he got very bored so the idea of ​​seeing each other and being able to do something interesting like going for a walk makes them very happy and relieves them.

His greeting

When we come back, they jump because they are trying to lick your face as part of a social greeting . In addition, they will discover that you were with other dogs and will start to smell intensely. The answer you should give to this attitude will depend on each dog since there are some to be saluted while with others it is better to avoid any increase in excitement.

 The 4 Reasons that show why dogs get so happy when we go home

"My dog ​​Jenny is very enthusiastic, and I hate her jumping on me in her efforts to touch my face. L and I taught to sit on a sofa when I got home . Now he does it with great enthusiasm and waits for it to arrive. The couch puts her at my level, so she does not have to jump, and I can lean forward and let her lick my cheek, since, for her, it's a very important part of the ritual, "says Hekman.

Remember that dogs should never be told what NOT to do, as they will not understand. You must teach him what he MUST do . Dogs have their greeting ritual but you can redirect it in a way that makes it easier for the owners and so you will enjoy it all.

Does your dog greet you like this when you get home? Do you understand their behavior now?

Share with all your friends and family so they know how to act when their dog greets them this way!

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