The 3 Steps to dress the salad that show that we had been doing wrong all our lives

Let's see, who does not know how to dress a salad? Well, even if it seems like a task for kids, you may not know how to do it yourself.

Yes, as you hear it, even pour oil, vinegar and salt on some vegetables has its trick. So no matter how many kitchens you create, you may have spent all your life munching on a simple and simple salad .

"What could go wrong?", You're asking yourself right now. Well, it turns out that in this case, the order of the factors does alter the product . It is not the same to start with the oil, than to leave it until the end.

 The 3 Steps to dress the salad that show that we had been doing it wrong all our lives
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The correct order to the time to dress a salad is to throw first the salt, then the vinegar and, finally, the oil . And that's the way it is, here and in Beijing.

Now you will come with what your family has been doing differently all their lives. Well, I'm sorry to tell you that they've been doing it wrong. Tranquility, we do not say it, science says.

Everything can be explained with a little basic chemistry. It's time to dust off your high school books: the oil is apolar so creates a movie about the food preventing what is added later (in this case the salt and the vinegar) can be absorbed.

 The 3 Steps to dress the salad that show that we had been doing it bad all our lives
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With this in mind, the ideal would be to start with the salt, among other things because being very soluble in water will easily penetrate foods such as tomatoes. Then, the salt residues that may have remained, will be dissolved by the high water content of the vinegar . And finally, the oil will create a film that will no longer prevent other condiments from doing their job. Do you get it?

If you already want the standout, it is recommended that wait until the last minute to dress a salad . In this way we will prevent the leaves of lettuce and other ingredients from being "pochas" by the action of the oil.

 The 3 Steps to season the salad that show that we had been doing it badly all our lives
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And, of course, use a good extra virgin olive oil the vinegar that you like, and flee from those terrible reductions of Modena vinegar that in recent years have been loaded so many salads

Another good idea is to resort to the vinaigrettes . Not only because the possibilities of dressings multiply, but because it is a simple way for the salad to stand seasoned longer without spoiling and the flavors mix better with the raw vegetables.

So you know, the next time you go to a family dinner, let no one ruin your salad.

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