The 10 Pieces that we should wear in summer to show off a perfect body

Are you one of those who are looking forward to the summer season to look like a figure, or is it a challenge for you to conceal certain areas of your body? Sometimes it is easier than we imagine.

The way to mix tonalities and prints, the ability to give a personal touch to the looks, and above all, to know our type of silhouette and what suits us is key to feel comfortable and elegant.

What are the most stylized summer clothes?

Mom jeans

The cut of this type of jeans, with the waist a little higher than normal and the wider leg, they are perfect to disguise both tummy and hip . And if you also add a belt, you'll get the desired 'wasp waist' effect.

Skirt midi high-shot

Another way to get a narrow waist effect is with these types of skirts . And is that as with the mom jeans, to have the high shot soften the hip curves and disguise the 'love handles'. If you also wear it with heels, you will further enhance the stylizing effect.


Especially mono-color models or with vertical details, such as neckline closure or stripes with this orientation, are very flattering . For the more daring, the versions with higher sides make the legs look longer.

Dresses midi

Undoubtedly, one of the pieces that lengthen the legs and the silhouette . If you also add footwear in color nude powers even more effect. In addition, you can choose according to the shape of your body: if you have little hip choose the straight cuts, and to enhance your curves recurs voluminous skirts.

Skirts with openings

Skirts with front openings, whether in mini or midi version have one thing in common: create a visual effect of length and continuity . So you have the type of body you have, they are perfect for you. The long you already choose …

Halter neckline

One of the most fashionable, no doubt for its power to stylize the figure. And it is that highlights the shoulders, lengthens the neck and creates an effect that makes the back seem narrower. If you want to enhance the effect, collect the hair in a ponytail.


Open and combined with a garment underneath is how they are more successful. Ideally, avoid the short ones, the very bright or with details such as fringes, large or very colorful prints, as these make the silhouette look wider. But be careful, too, with very long models!

Basic white T-shirt

A garment so simple, but that can become your perfect ally for to get a slimmer figure . The best thing is that you choose a slightly oversized version with wide short sleeves, and thus your arms will look much thinner.


V-neck achieves with its vertical shape follow the natural straight lines of our silhouette one of the tricks most used by stylists. And although the most usual is to wear them in dresses or shirts, we can also use for example the blazers with pronounced neckline shirt for a more sophisticated look.

Vertical stripes

The vertical stripes are the ideal resource to stylize any type of figure. And it is that, on the one hand, the shorter ones help to add centimeters in their legs and on the other, to the figures that look for to conceal their curves it will allow them to look more slender thanks to the optical effect they produce.

Now that you have renewed your wardrobe, you only need a special touch in the hair and with a handkerchief and these 5 simple tricks, you will reap hundreds of likes on Instagram.

Did you know all these tricks to stylize your figure? What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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